Turboweekend - Miles and Miles

Artwork by Carl Krull

What to write about the new single of a band that changed your life with their music? You can for instance start by delivering the basic info: the DK quartet Turboweekend released their new single “Miles and Miles” this Monday, 13. October.

What’s next? You can try to describe the song as little emotional as possible, since you know that not everybody is a fan and wants to read odes to the band. Let’s try that then.

“Miles and Miles” seems to be a coming back to a darker or more mysterious Turboweekend music, like the sounds from the band’s second album “Ghost Of A Chance”. The line of pop beat is still there, but the electronics, the bass and the piano are leading the whole time and build a great environment to expose the vocals of lead singer Silas Bjerregaard. That gives us a powerful song with the message “don’t give up, if you’re stubborn enough, you will make it, have faith”.

Turboweekend, after the more “bombastic sound” adventure with their third album “Fault Lines”, are on track again into the direction of music that isn’t so obviously radio-hits oriented. “Miles and Miles” is definitely a very catchy track, yet not too much inflating. The acoustic guitar entrance creates an atmosphere of intimacy which is somehow kept during the whole song and turns it to some kind of confession or secret shared by the band with the listener.

The Copenhagen-based group managed to create their own sound during the years and they still have that sound kept in the new single. They are also still hungry for experiments with music, obviously. Which makes me wait impatiently for more new music from Turboweekend, hopefully coming out soon.

Listen to “Miles and Miles” on Spotify and buy the digital version of the song via iTunes.

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