In these days, when it is raining like cats and dogs in Denmark, you need a good reason to leave your warm and cozy home and go outside. I found a really good reason for this by going to the concert of The White Album at Det Bruunske Pakhus in Fredericia last Friday, 24. October 2014.

Even though I arrived totally soaked, I felt quite well from the very beginning. The location is pretty intimate by creating a lovely and old-fashioned living room charm with lots of wooden elements, candle light on each table and a classical stage without any exorbitant bric-a-brac – just some instruments, a couple of grandmother’s lamps and some TV screens with open fire. Additionally there was no back entrance for the band, so you could get a pretty good impression of their friendly character and a flashing smile behind their impressive beards by yourself in a short cigarette break before the concert or during their session.

The White Album is a somewhat new band, but you can see how proud they are of what they are doing and how professional and equitable they act on stage. Their classy appearance with vests and shirts, their closing-eyes-and-lost-in-music attitude and their distinctive, powerful voices thrilled the whole audience of different ages and encountered them to applaud the band during the songs and personal anecdotes of Frederik, Claus and Jakob . It is always a huge compliment for a band to act as a medium for so many different generations and The White Album definitely deserve this compliment!

Of course The White Album presented primarily a lot of calm, romantic songs on this evening, but it did fit the familiar mood and the concept of a seating concert, and seems perfect for the upcoming season. Especially at the end of their 90 minutes session the 3 guys and their wonderful other band members on drums and contrabass proved their talent for more infectious songs with “Feed It To The Children” and “Guns & Ammunition” from their new album “The Quiet Strum”.

The White Album fascinated me and the rest of the audience with an amazing live concert and we gave thanks to them with standing ovations at the end!

You can check all remaining concert dates for their ongoing Denmark tour on Facebook or listen to “The Quiet Strum” on Spotify in advance!

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