The New Spring - 12.10.14 Munster

Actually I decided to spend some off-days in Germany this week and get back to a world full of traffic queues, cheap prices and chatty folks – at least compared to Denmark. Of course (or fortunately) it did not work out quite well and on the 12. October I ran into an intimate concert of Bastian Kallesøe, best known as The New Spring from Copenhagen, at Pension Schmidt in Münster.

I did see the former front singer of Shout Wellington Air Force before, otherwise I couldn’t have recognized him at all. He looks like the typical shy boy from school, with the guitar as his best friend and a bag full of stories about love, loss and everything between. Maybe he would describe himself more as a soft-spoken man who does not talk big but impressed the audience with his great talent for simplicity and campfire atmosphere this evening.

It was not a big deal to sink into his dreamy, melancholic music on a Sunday evening at Pension Schmidt: cozy ambience with super-comfortable sofas , dimmed light from grandmother’s standard-lamps and a deadly silent attention of the small audience. Sadly the living room concert was a brief pleasure for everyone and the Danish indie folk-musician left the stage after just 40 minutes. What a shame! But to be fair: he was not the only artist at his wonderful evening.

Nevertheless it was an amazing concert and once again The New Spring impressed me with his calm, non-affected nature, his plain appearance on stage and even more his focus on songwriting and content – take it as a compliment, Bastian!

If you are interested in more musical impressions of The New Spring, you should check out your local record store (or the TAMBOURHINOCEROS record label website) for his recently released album “Late Bloomers”.

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