The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Bring Us Together ALBUM

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour is the kind of band that is not afraid to experiment with weird things when it comes to their music. While listening to them it’s hard to precisely describe their music with just one term. Probably the easiest would be to classify it as “pop”, but what they exactly do is a mix of many different inspirations from lounge music, through trip-hop to 70’s disco and funk.

This state of confusion will also be recognized with their new album “Bring Us Together”. The sound on the record builds up a climate of being taken to the spacecraft or a good disco party. The tracks bring pictures of neon colours, lasers, roller-skating and lots of glitter around. All sounds very danceable and sweet.

The whole album line is very diversified with a set of instruments and styles. While the title track “Bring Us Together” is led by the bluesy piano, Mette Lindberg’s disorted vocals and electric guitar, “Navigator” oscillates around its thumping bass line and a gently plucking guitar. And there are synths in those two and, for example, in “Get Connected”.

What can be found on the album are influences of alternative rock, hip-hop, reggae and disco. Everything perfectly mashed up and smooth.

“Bring Us Together” is a great album to feel the energy from past decades. It is catchy and engaging. The positive vibes delivered in these charming compositions will call for a cheerful mood. It easily creates a will to put something very sparkly on to go out and simply have fun.

Listen to The Asteroids Galaxy Tour’s new album on Spotify and buy the digital version of it via iTunes.

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