Well, let’s be honest – summer is (almost) over and unfortunately we have to say goodbye to all the cozy BBQ sessions, running on bloomy meadows and sweaty hours of sunbathing.

But don’t be too nostalgic at all – it’s finally accepted again to spend your time in all the muggy clubs and dance all night long and to swap the sun. For this we took a deeper look in our music collection and grabbed the perfect soundtrack for the coming season!

After Germany, the Denmark-based combo of Striving Vines just released their new album “Obstacles” last month in Denmark and proved another time their talent for a fast and lovely mixture of 80’s song writing and a 60’s sound production on this record.

You don’t believe me? Then take your time and just listen to “Sound of Tomorrow” and their current release “Before You Get There” and I promise you can’t deny to jiggle your foot or snap your fingers at least.

If you’re more into sipping delicious pumpkin soup or counting rain drops on your window, Jonas Møller & Co. will bring you in the right autumn mood with their more slowly and calm “Only Time Will Tell” and “Walls”.

Although they named their debut album in 2010 “Can’t Win Them All”, we’re quite confident they will do it this time – for sure!

You can find the new album “Obstacles” on Spotify, via iTunes or you can get an impression on label Antiphonics’ Soundcloud.

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