Straight From The Harp - Sex plus Religion EP cover

Dear music, I love you for surprising me all the time with your new cool stuff coming from different directions! Do you remember the Danish duo living in Berlin, Straight From The Harp? You may recognize them because of Good because Danish’s short Christmas clip from 2012 or because of their cool song “GoGoGoGoGo” (also from 2012). They got quiet for a while and we almost forgot about them, when all of a sudden… surprise! The duo just released their new EP “Sex + Religion”, and the song promoting it is the awesome, heavy-vibed “When The Sun Comes Up”!

The EP was recorded in Austin, Berlin and Copenhagen and you can hear the mixed atmospheres of the different places on it. “The music is an energetic and dirty meltdown of gospel music of the American south and the cool electronic sounds of Berlin” – says the band about it. Amen to that!

“When The Sun Comes Up” is a great example of the duo’s statement about music. It’s a great piece of some kind of electro blues/rock, noisy music – it’s catchy in a somewhat filthy way, it’s repelling, yet magnetic. A great combination of contrasts, which you can experience on the whole EP.

“Sex + Religion” has this special “The Kills-vibe”, this sexy aggressiveness which is irresistible. You’ll find out for yourself!

Check out “When The Sun Comes Up” along with the band’s self-made video clip on YouTube, stream the whole “Sex + Religion” EP on BandCamp or buy it via iTunes.

P.S. I am totally, 100% seduced by the sound of the harmonica... Straight From The Harp, you made me melt inside with it!

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