For this year’s Spil Dansk Dagen, Good because Danish teamed up with a bunch of young artists and prepared a little series with beautiful songs in Danish, including some translated lyrics and the background of their stories. Yesterday was officially Spil Dansk Dagen 2014 – but the week is not over yet! And so we are more than happy to introduce you to another Danish gem: “En mand at tro på” (engl. “A man to believe in”) from Stærosaurus‘ debut album “Store Hoved”.

Check out below where the project’s namegiving main force and songwriter Andreas Stær got his inspiration for the song from!

Give us a man to believe in
Give us firm hands
Give us alert eyes and not just another camera

Give us a genuine heart
Give us a taste of blood
Give us a rough treatment you know we won’t fight back

If you promise us heaven, if you bring us forward

We are a busy factory
We are dutiful workers
We are the strong hands that will do as you please

We are infinite re-election
We are your alibi
We are the tiny envelopes that no-one checks what is inside

If you show us your will, if you always defend us
If you promise us heaven, if you bring us forward

We are a freebie
We are shortest shorts
We are your former mistress do you remember when you threw us away?

We are your loving wife
We are your dinner
We don’t ask any questions about who you’ve been with or where you’ve been at

If you wave from your car, if you send us a greeting
If you show us your will, if you always defend us
If you promise us heaven, if you lead us the next steps

The world is full of problems and things to be afraid of. Everyday you hear about something new; new wars, disasters, terror, never-ending-recession, soaring unemployment, jobs being lost, violence, terrible injustice, de-forrestation, rising oceans, the list goes on…. and you rarely hear about any solutions to anything. Essentially, the song is about the yearning for someone to come a long and fix all these things for us.

The lyrics builds up gradually throughout the track – so I’ve included the full lyrics and translated to the best of my abilities. In the beginning it’s about wishing for a strong leader to appear and be good and kind, but gradually the narrator becomes more and more desperate to the point of submission and self-humiliation in the end.

Lyrically, it’s one of the “hard” songs on the album, but I like this song because I think the build up in the track and the lyrics fit very well together, and make something special out of a one-chord song. Also, I am thrilled that I convinced the great singer Jonas Villumsen to join us on vocals, so listen for him in the high-pitched voices.

Make sure to listen to “En mand at tro på” on Stærosaurus’ SoundCloud, get it over at iTunes or stream it on Spotify. Oh, and definitely give Stærosaurus your Like on Facebook.

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