For this year’s Spil Dansk Dagen, Good because Danish teamed up with a bunch of young artists and prepared a little series with beautiful songs in Danish, including some translated lyrics and the background of their stories. We are happy to be able to kick off this bunch of posts with quite a new gem – “Lys og Mørke” (engl. “Light and Darkness”) by Copenhagen-based quintet Blå Nætter, which was only released last week.

Check out below what Blå Nætter’s lead singer and songwriter Simon Olsen told us about their beauty of a song!

You are the light, I am the darkness,
You are a river, I am the drought,
You are soft, I am hard,
You are knowledge, there is nothing I understand.

You have the sun with you,
When I am just dark,
I attract the clouds,
You blow them away,
You try and try,
When I have already given up.

“Lys og Mørke” comes from a place that I usually do not explore in my song writing – namely the more or less ordinary love song.

It is a direct love song that exposes the ups and downs in a relationship. Even though, “Lys og Mørke” projects itself as ‘just’ a lovesong, there are a few more layers to it. For example, from the narrator’s point of view, there is a definite lack of self-confidence and the whole ‘I am not good enough’ mentality. The narrator emphasizes the ‘you’ in the song, which consistently overpowers him – Where the ‘you’ is the ‘light’, the ‘I’ is the darkness… as stated in the first line of the song.

For me the song is not autobiographical, but more a depiction of how some people experience a relationship or that you can feel inadequate in comparison to your partner.

It was actually not one of my favorite songs of ours at the start, and I was actually really tired of playing it to begin with. I felt we really couldn’t find the right method or approach to the song. It wasn’t until we got in the studio and laid down the first cut, that we truly began to develop the song and get the arrangements right. It opened up and became a different song all-together. Those fine tunings mean that I actually enjoy playing the song more than ever… and hey, it has become our first single from our soon to be released EP, so it can’t be that bad!

Make sure to listen to “Lys og Mørke” on label Humble Recs’ SoundCloud, get it over at iTunes and watch the video to it on YouTube. Oh, and definitely give the guys of Blå Nætter your Like on Facebook.

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