Though playing not the most rewarding slot at this year’s Trailerpark Festival – looking back, October Dance probably turned into my favourite surprise discovery of the whole festival. To make up for lighting upon the Danish disco dance trio only that late on their journey, I’m finally heating up their latest EP “Group Pleasure” – already released in April 2014 (I knoooow, right?! Duh! ) via Sound of Copenhagen.

And yet – what better moment to get you tapping your toes than in the band’s namegiving month?

There’s something incredibly appealing and geeky attractive about the EP’s colourful, odd, 80’s inspired pop-cultural universe. The five-tracks-strong whole then sounds like some trashy art installation set to music, combining Knight Rider or Miami Vice with tropical Piña Colada-vibes and African drums.

While clearly drawing inspiration in erstwhile New York art rock band Talking Heads (Second track “Tina Weymouth” should ring a bell here!), October Dance seem to develop their pop mix of “warm synthesizers, groovy baselines and a shit load of percussion” into further own directions.

All artsy talk aside: not only the EP’s title “Group Pleasure” implicates some sexy undertone – the music on it does as well. This fact is not least illustrated, when the sensual French moaning of “High School”‘s finale passes into some snake’s hiss, that is marking the beginning of last track “African Anthem #2” …shzzzzz.

Since it doesn’t get much better than some funky exotic/erotic art pop: stream the whole EP on Spotify and WiMP or get your digital copy over at iTunes!

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