Sometimes there are days when all we want to do is to just get on a highway and hitch-hike far away from the boring, painfully average world around. The globetrotter hearts of ours scream to be released. But we can’t always follow their voice, for many different reasons. So we stay at home, go for a walk or take a long bus ride – just to feel we’re moving.

A perfect soundtrack to such “run away” days can be the EP “Rupture” by the new name in the Danish singer-songwriter sceneOceanic. It’s the solo project of Tue Eberst, a Copenhagen-based artist delivering a piece of music slightly different from the classic singer-songwriter style.

Oceanic‘s debut EP was released on 13. October and it caught our attention thanks to two things: the musical side of the songs is a mix of indie-rock attitude with singer-songwriter soul and the vocals are scratchy and memorable. Oceanic combines the atmosphere of songs of Waldemaar or Dad Rocks! together with a bardic way of telling stories, Americana sound and retro style come out of the music. All in all, the artist’s debut EP “Rupture” is a mix of many different inspirations and that leaves the doors wide open for Oceanic – we’ll see in which direction he will go with his music in future.

Now, excuse me, but I am having a “run away” day, so I’ll just upload the “Rupture” EP to my mp3 player and will go for a long walk around my city. I’ll look people in the eyes while passing them by and will sing to myself “Everyday we fight the rising sun, there is a hope, there is a will, there is a light shining still, and yet another day will dawn, with love below and troubles upon…”

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