Leman & Dieckmann - Takes Two ALBUM

Leman & Dieckmann (…) both having an urge to discover the dynamics of melodic synths and melodic percussion decided to make an album. They agreed that the album had to tell a story, and like so many times before in music the topic became love. The story they try to tell through the music on the album “Takes Two” is the story of a breakup, the denial of the need of love, and the discover of the fact that often in life it takes two, to be happy” (Leman & Dieckmann SoundCloud)

What more to say about the close-to-be-perfect album “Takes Two” from the Danish DJ duo Leman & Dieckmann? Not much. You just HAVE TO listen to it and feel the vibe yourself.

“(…) from the deepest atmospheric Deep House to groovy Tech House to old-school trancy house. “Takes Two” definitely differs from the masses, and bring a breath of fresh air to the circulating sound of 2014″ – I could basically simply quote the whole description of the record from Leman & Dieckmann’s SoundCloud page.

But that’d just be “copy-paste writing” and we don’t want that here on Good because Danish. What we want is good (because Danish) music. And here you have a great piece of it! If you’re a fan of electronic music, but the kind that has something more in it than just thoughtless beats – “Takes Two” is for you!

I fell into this album from the very first songs: “The Meeting” (featuring vocals by Swedish-Danish jazz singer TYRA) and “The Beautiful Stranger” (feat. Julie Christiansen). Oh my God! Really. It’s probably the most shallow way of describing anything – but OMG! This album just sucked me in. It has the irresistible vibe, which covers your body and soul like a safe, comfortable cocoon. Leman & Dieckmann create a whole new environment on their album, a world where you will get comfort and feel gentleness.

It’s just so nice to listen to electronic music that tells a story and has a soul of its own. What else do you need? I tell you – nothing. Just press play.

Find “Takes Two” on SoundCloud and give Leman & Dieckmann your like on Facebook.

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