Yeah, I surely won’t imagine how many times most of you guys have already watched the new video of Swedish electro princess Elliphant and Danish dynamite to the song called “One More”. (For all of you little late bloomers – here you can watch it!)

But watching this video caused some kind of discussion in our team and now it’s finally time to share at least my point of view about that.

First of all, I definitely love this song with all the electronically frisky melodies and blurry voices, but I rather enjoyed watching this piece of art. It’s not because of these 2 beautiful lollipop-licking girls, their sexual explicit way to dress or this tiny sequence of making out (ridiculous to be upset after t.A.T.u.’s “All The Things She Said” in 2003).

Nah, I always liked MØ’s attitude about being different – although she is a well-known role model for young, independent women you can join her and Elliphant in a wild ride including drinking booze, disguise themselves as Geisha, leather fetishist and Sporty Spice and just giggling and dancing on the back of their fancy car like a real G. The setting of the video is gloomy but extraordinary, whereat the lack of male counterparts could also be a statement of independency and emphasis of the feminine power.

Both Elliphant and MØ successfully managed to create a whole new sound which is quite more laid-back than their usual stuff. Even the fact that the lyrics of “One More” are far too simplistic and less diversified doesn’t bother – at least not them!

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