Copenhagen Central Station. In the morning of a week day. People are walking around, rushing to trains and S-trains and buses and their bikes. All of a sudden you can see two ladies and a man with all this musical equipment, standing out there, in the main hall of the Central Station and playing a song. What’s that? A flash mob? A joke? No, it’s Darkness Falls playing their new song “The Answer” live on Danish national TV.

There’s something awkwardly attractive about the fact that this performance is placed in such a random (at least that’s how it seems to be) location. But it looks like Darkness Falls love the city of Copenhagen and it’s a mutual feeling (the duo’s video clip to “The Void” was also filmed at characteristic parts of the city and was very disturbingly attractive).

“The Answer” is a pretty dark song, with this weird “foggy” vibe and an atmosphere, a bit like from another universe. So all in all, maybe it’s not such a bad location to play it at. People have their random days, routines all around and suddenly something out of this world in the middle of it.

Watch the video from Danish national TV above and find out yourself, how this musical surprise in the center of the city looks like.

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