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Danish duo Cancer – created by When Saints Go Machine singer Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild and Kristian Finne Kristensen, better known as Chorus Grant – recently released their debut EP “Ragazzi” via the record label TAMBOURHINOCEROS.

The Polish website musicNOW asked the band to “dissect” the songs from the release, to let them be seen through the eyes and ears of their creators. The band members weren’t so happy about disassembling their compositions, but they agreed to do it with a half of the “Ragazzi” content.

You can read the full interview with Cancer on musicNOW (in Polish). For all of you, who don’t understand Polish, we translated the story behind “Same Color As Digital Photography” here:

“The vocals in the introduction got passed through the pitch shifter (the effect of smoothly changing sound volume) and came from the warm-up, that we have done in the studio before starting the actual recordings. Therefore, vocals and guitar were recorded using only one microphone. Initially we didn’t plan the introduction in “Same Color As Digital Photography”, but at home I tampered a bit with this part of the song and later reconstructed it by accident in the studio and we both figured that it fits. The element of surprise – that is what I love the most in making music. The ambient sound at the beginning of the song, reminding of a horn, is played by hitting the tuba, passed through a pitch shifter. We then sampled its sounds and reconstructed the sample with the addition of the Eventide Space reverb and the handmade analog delay made in Mexico. The sound created that way builds a great contrast to the sounds of the guitar.

While writing this song, I felt a huge load of worries, sadness and loneliness – which can be heard with no doubts. It’s funny that songs are often used as a tool for self-analysis and dealing with matters that we, under normal conditions, don’t share with the rest of the world.”

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