Nick Mckinlay Photos - Blaue BlumePeople assembled for a very special event at Pumpehuset on Saturday night. Copenhagen-based label VUF Empire presented fans with two of their finest acts: Blaue Blume and The Attic Sleepers.

The crowd were first treated to an enchanting set from dreamy alt-rockers The Attic Sleepers. The duo has been around the Copenhagen scene for a couple of years and latest tonight it was clear they won’t be leaving it anytime soon. A demonstration in subtle performance, the musicians weaved through a set of flowing track. It is no secret that the band’s sound hinges on singer Mathias Barfod’s smooth melancholic voice. It remained the band’s heart and soul throughout. Barfod never lost focus on the intent of his delivery, occupying an emotional space somewhere between Mew’s softer songs, and a Band of Horses record. It was this focus that created an observable connection with the audience and the band, transforming Pumpethuset into a ‘dreamland’ of sorts.

After a short intermission, spectators were sharply awoken by the comparatively harsher tones of Blaue Blume. There was an obvious shift in mood, and it became a decidedly ‘rockier’ evening. Despite the crowd’s apparent excitement at seeing the breakout band, Blaue Blume kept their cool. Singer Jonas Smith’s vocal acrobatics aside, the band sounded fuller than they had before; while at the same time more erratic and unpredictable. There was however, one glorious slip up in their chilled exterior. After playing single “Jealousy”, there appeared a cheeky grin on the players faces, clearly moved by the audience’s reaction.

The jutted melodic electro of Taragana Pyjarama soon filled Pumpehuset’s downstairs foyer stage. A really fun electronica duo with sizeable hidden complexity, Taragana Pyjarama mix live elements together with 4 to the floor backbeats to create danceable, yet intricate tracks. With a sound not too far from the likes of Flume, it is easy to envision the two move into bigger spaces.

Below we set up a little gallery of Saturday’s concerts – find more impressions in the Facebook-album HERE. Besides the pictures, we are more than happy to also be able to share a live recording of Blaue Blume’s “On New Years Eve” by courtesy of VUF Empire:

Photos by Nick McKinlay

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