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When I was a little girl, I believed that there is a land of fairies somewhere out there. A special, magical place where all the fairies – the good ones and not-totally good ones lived all together. But that fairy tale land was more of a magical place like Narnia or Tolkien’s Middle Earth. A bit dark, a bit mysterious, not so much black and white, but very intoxicating and intriguing. Exactly like the new album from Where did Nora go – “Shimmer”, released Monday 8. September 2014.

The new record from Astrid Nora (a.k.a. Where did Nora go) is a perfect soundtrack for a travel around the magical land of fairies from my childhood dreams and Astrid could easily be one of the fairies herself. The thirteen compositions collected on “Shimmer” create an atmosphere out of this world; your mind starts to wander, your thoughts are going far away from this grey, sad, ordinary world.

The characteristic cello sound leads you through the songs, sometimes giving the lead to the piano. Soft, delicate songs like “Heart of Hearts” or “Taking Me Over” are mixed with the more raw, more challenging ones like the title track “Shimmer” or my personal favorite – “Beating Drum”, which is a very brave kind of interruption on the whole album.

Where did Nora go combines folk, classical music, singer-songwriter soul and mashes it all up into something new, fresh and very pleasant in adaptation. Her new album “Shimmer” will be one of those records I will be coming back to very often. Whenever I’d feel like getting away from the overwhelming reality. “Shimmer” became my magical closet to get to the land of Narnia and feel like a little girl for a while.

Listen to the album on Spotify or WiMP and buy it via iTunes DK or via iTunes Germany.

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