The Cabin Project - The Cabin Project

Oh, what a beautiful gem Kira Skov and Marie Fisker prepared for us to enjoy during the long Autumn evenings.

The two Danish artists joined forces as The Cabin Project and in the spring of 2013 they went to Canada’s deep forests to isolate themselves in a cabin for 9 days with Oliver Hoiness (guitar) and Ned Ferm (sax). There they recorded an album in collaboration with producer Mark Howard. The album simply called “The Cabin Project” was released on 1. September 2014.

“It has been a very wonderful and special adventure to make this record. (…) It has been very intense, challenging and a wonderful experience! The maze of sometimes not being able to separate the two voices while recording worked as a very inspiring mirror and as a unifying melting pot!” (The Cabin Project’s Facebook page).

The album is as extraordinary as the place it was recorded at. The raw, minimalist arrangements and the power of the two amazing vocals are combined into a record that makes you cry, gives you chills, helps you let go of things, forces you to ask painful questions. The palette of emotions is so various, yet so tastefully collected, that you just dive into “The Cabin Project” and the whole world disappears.

Starting with the brilliant single with a heavy, dusty atmosphere – “Come Rain” all the way to the very last song “Seize My Ease”, Marie Fisker and Kira Skov charm us with their mysterious femininity. This is probably the most magical thing in “The Cabin Project” album – even though it’s created by the two stunning women, the songs aren’t fragile, the lyrics aren’t delicate. The music is demanding and words cut the air like a knife. Even when the more soft sounds appear, like in “Hostile Face”, there is still a very strong vibe of determination in every tune.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you just have found your record to play when you need to put the world on pause for a while.

Stream the album “The Cabin Project” on Spotify and buy it on iTunes.

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