TheAtticSleepers-LinesRemember when I “took over” the blog and shared a playlist of some of my favourite Danish songs?

My playlist included a wonderful live recording of The Attic Sleepers‘ just as wonderful song “Lines”. On 22. September 2014, a day after we published my takeover-post, “Lines” finally got officially released in all its wonderfulness. (I promise, I will not use this word in this text anymore. Even though it is wonderf…!)

I cannot even imagine or count, how many times I must have listened to the song already. Since hearing the achingly beautiful opening line “You remind me of the things I should forget” for the very first time somewhen in the last days of 2013, “Lines” slowly turned into one of those tracks, that you come back to over and over again. One of those tracks, that just seem to speak out of your deep inner-self. One of those tracks, that break your heart and ease your heartbreak.

Along with the single, The Attic Sleepers also released a video directed and filmed by Danish film director and fashion photographer Balder Skånström-Bo in Sydney, Australia.

When first watching the beautiful video to “Lines”, it made me cry.

The short film’s heartbreaking storyline tells of regret, of all of life’s mistakes made out of pure stubbornness. It tells of our inability to jump over the own pride, of our inability to apologize and accept when we’ve been wrong. It tells of how we keep on hurting the one’s we love most. Without blaming, it reminds you about all your own mistakes and leaves you behind with a big, big lump in your throat.

The brilliant video not only underlines the song’s bitter-sweet character, it also gives “Lines” a whole new level of depth, making it even dearer to my heart.

Do yourself the favour, watch the video on YouTube and listen to “Lines” on Spotify, WiMP or iTunes (links to other music services HERE).

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