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If you want to experience Nordic culture, film, fine arts, food and of course – music in one day filled with excitement, the Dutch city of Utrecht is your place to go on Saturday, 4. October 2014 during Nordic Delight Festival 2014! And there will also be some great treats for fans of Danish music! Fine bands playing different kinds of music will perform in Centraal Museum Utrecht. Among them you’ll be able to catch a show of Good because Danish’s eyes and ears on Nordic Delight Festival 2014 – GET YOUR GUN!

The nice guys from GYG will take over our Instagram @goodbecausedanish on Saturday 4. October 2014 to share their impressions from the festival. It will be fun, so we recommend you not to miss it!

Before Get Your Gun will hit the road to the Netherlands, we talked with Andreas and Simon about touring and time spent together on the road. Read the interview below!

Good because Danish: Do you have a specific album or a song that you always listen to on the road to a show? What is it?

Simon: We are really bad at remembering CD’s when we’re touring. The last few times there was only five copies of some record that Andreas played guitar on – I think Andreas enjoyed it more than we did. This weekend we heard “Jungle Boogie” with Kool & the Gang on repeat on our way to a show in Copenhagen. When we remember CD’s we hear something like “Raising Sand” by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Tindersticks etc.

Andreas: I guess we could step up our game in this department, but silence is also very much appreciated. That reminds me – I need to get the new Timber Timbre record for the car.

What is the best and the worst thing about rehearsals before playing an important gig?

A: That you have to set up all the gear, which was just thrown in our rehearsal after last weekend’s shows. And then pack it again. The story of a musician’s life.

You play a pretty heavy and dark music, but from what we noticed, you’re very friendly and nice people :) Do you make any jokes to each other while touring? Do you remember and can tell us about any specific one?

S: A lot has changed since we got Asger (violinist) with us on tour. Normally we are pretty silent and try to relax, but Asger seems to mess that up. I remember one time from this summer, where we played in Finland at a festival deep in the woods. There was a band sauna and a small lake. We got drunk in the sauna, and every time we jumped in the lake, Asger took my towel! Oh how we laughed…

A: At one point he staged his own drowning – just for the fun of it. He’s a troublemaker. It’s sometime difficult to believe that he’s 10 years older than me. But you know – in general the humor becomes very absurd, if you’re touring a lot in a car. It cooks your brain.

Is there any kind of a mascot or a talisman you have with you on stage? Or perhaps any kind of a band’s “ritual” before the show?

S: We are really not that superstitious, we just try to get in mood for the show by doing our own thing. Andreas likes to talk to the sound and light technicians, making sure that everything is ready. I just prefer being alone with my own thoughts, getting focused on what to do.

A: Again – silence is good.

First thing to check when you come to a venue you’re going to play at is…?

S: I think we have very individual needs. Andreas will use his big eyes to spot if there’s any ginger of any kind and then eat it, drink it or sniff it. He doesn’t care how he gets it, but he needs ginger for his voice. Some people got vocal techniques, Andreas got ginger. Søren always gets himself a big cup of coffee – it helps him tune in on his studies. Asger needs wi-fi to make his business between soundcheck and the show. I’ll be more like: Do they, or do they not have gin&tonic?!

A: Besides the ginger-hunt, I just like to walk around the venue, especially on and in front of the stage. It’s a good way to get a sense of the room and knowing how to interact with it.

Have you ever been to Nordic Delight Festival before? What’s your impression of the event? What are you the most excited of about playing there?

S: We’ve never been there before, so we don’t really know what to expect, but the people behind the festival seem like really good people and we’re really looking forward to it. Unfortunately we have to drive to Belgium after the show, because we got a show in the evening, so it’s going to be a busy and hopefully a great day.

You’ll be going on a quite big Europe tour this Autumn. What is your key to not to go crazy while spending so much time together on the road, without that much privacy?

A: Well, good question – I guess we haven’t figured that out yet. I guess you can’t avoid having some fights.

Do you have one show or showcase gig or any other kind of a performance that was the most special one for you so far? Which one and why?

S: I think the first time we played at Tallinn Music Week was something that helped define us as a band. It was two and a half years ago and it was one of our first showcases in a foreign country. It went really well and there were loads of people.

A: Of course Roskilde Festival was special too, but some of my favorite shows this summer was at Positivus Festival and Devilstone – the synergy between us and the audience was electric.

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