Hollow Hollow - Heartbeats

If you like bands like Spleen United, but you wish they had some sort of shoegaze claw in their music or if you were amazed by the latest The Foreign Resort album “New Frontiers”, yet it had a little bit too much noise in it – then we have found a golden mean for you: Hollow Hollow. Watch out for them, we see (or hear) big potential and a freshness coming from this band from Jutland!

A few months ago the Aalborg-based group changed their name from Det Grønne Apotek (The Green Pharmacy) to Hollow Hollow and began a new era in their career.

“Heartbeats” is the first official single from Hollow Hollow, but the group already has some previous experiences in the music industry: they played as support for bands like Nephew, The Minds of 99, Carpark North and performed at Nibe Festival.

However, the single “Heartbeats”, released on 11. August 2014, is a new opening.

And what a great opening it is! Guitars sharp as knives, the characteristic shoegaze vibration of the melody, the tempo creating an atmosphere of rush“Heartbeats” has it all. As a bonus, an unexplainable electronic spirit is locked in between the guitar riffs. The debut single starts gently, just to build up tension and reach the energetic, almost raging finish, when you don’t want the song to end.

The not totally clarified sound of Hollow Hollow leaves them a lot of possible directions to go to with their music. It makes us wait impatiently for more from the Aalborg-based band. Bring in on guys, don’t make us wait too long!

Listen to the full single “Heartbeats” on Spofity, buy it via iTunes and watch a little teaser video clip to the song on Vimeo.

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