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NICK comes all the way from Australia and was studying in Aarhus when one beautiful day Jasmin introduced him to GbD. Oh, what happy day for us it was indeed! Because Nick is not only fascinated by Denmark and its music, but also – a great writer and awesome photographer! Thanks to him we can show you a little bit more of the atmosphere of Danish concerts and festivals.

The brilliance of Nick’s photos and reviews can be easily seen – what you can’t see is that he is a volcano of energy and… humor! Believe us, this guy is a feel-good person! Also, as the first permanent male member of the team, he’s able to take our girly gossips about Scandinavian guys – thanks for that, Nick ;)

His playlist will take you on a journey through Denmark!

GbD author takeover: NICK by Good Because Danish on Mixcloud

Quick Quick Obey – Blood
Often, I am taken off guard by how good these young men are. This track showcases all their combined abilities; Esben’s towering, yet human sung melodies rise above a backline intermingled with sparkly synths, scattershot drums, and fuzzed up tropical guitar lines.

WhoMadeWho – The Morning
An obvious choice from the supergroup, but I am new here, and addicted. Unabashed white boy soul vocals in the verses give way to a massive, sing-along chorus that rubs up against the dark, ‘mispent youth’ subject matter.

Mew – Hawaii
The real catalyst to this Danish obsession of mine. How could a band from so far north capture what I imagine the breezy Pacific sounds like. Interestingly, this track and the rest of “ridiculously long album name” accompanied me around the northern reaches of Scotland. With that chorus that bowls you over from nowhere, I now associate the track with snowy, epic landscapes, rather than the track’s tropical namesake.

Reptile Youth – Rivers That Run For a Sea That is Gone
Again, I would love to say I have known Reptile Youth since the start, but that wouldn’t be true. For me, this track was the first that captured their playful energy. Having seen them live several times now, their intensity on record is multiplied several times when witnessed in the flesh. This track sounds conservative on record in comparison. Still, this will have to suffice until next time you see them live, where lead Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen will most probably float over your head in a signature stage dive.

Kill J – You Have Another Lover
Precision execution from one of my favourite Danish vocalists. Sparse but menacing production underscores Julie’s brilliant, multilayered vocal acrobatics. A rising icy gem.

Ice Cream Cathedral – The Swans
I had the opportunity to see these guys a couple of months back, this track was a definite highlight amongst their magnetic set. On the surface, it seems to be a run of the mill spaced out pop song. However, there is something unsettling bubbling underneath, keeping listeners captivated. Awesome Aliens From Mars inspired video clip too, check it out!

Sleep Party People – Death is the Future
An instrumental from Brian Batz’s new long player. Sounds like Muse, had they discovered a dozen additional effects pedals. Heavily compressed drum breaks are overlaid with pulsing synths and twisted surf rock guitar licks. An unconventional, yet fulfilling soundtrack to your morning toast.


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