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First she wrote to Good because Danish with a music tip – Esben Svane. Then, after exchanging a few messages, she started writing for the blog and published her first post in December 2012. Half a year later we  met in person – in Aarhus at SPOT Festival, during the Kadie Elder show.

Now it’s 2014 and JASMIN is not only our great German author and co-editor of the blog – no, no, no, she is waaaaaaaaaaay more for Good because Danish! She devoted herself to it like no other person before and (so far) no other person after her. During the last 2 years she became the driving wheel of all the great changes and development of the blog. Her amazing ideas and motivation push us all the time to be better and better.

The title of the first song Jasmin ever wrote about – “My Chemical” – fits the dynamic between her and Danish music. There is some kind of the magical chemistry between them, something that brings one to another. It’s without a doubt a great pleasure to be able to see this dynamic connection and passion that Jasmin has for music. Maybe sometimes she hides it a bit, but don’t let it fool you! She’s crazy about music! It’s also a great honour to work on the blog with Jasmin, knowing that she really gave a piece of her heart to this project.

Now, this will be a somewhat more personal part of the GbD author introduction. But when it comes to Jasmin, it has to be this way. Good because Danish is made from the love to Danish music and it also creates love and friendships between the people that got connected through it. This German girl living in Copenhagen – where she clearly belongs to – became not only the mastermind behind Good because Danish, not only a great partner in running the blog and changing it for better, not only a wonderful promoter of the Danish music, but also – a truly special friend. So I’d like to take this small text as an opportunity to say: THANK YOU. TAK. <3

Now, sit down, relax and listen to the wonderful playlist Jasmin made for her GbD Author Takeover. It’s full of magic and passion!

GbD author takeover: JASMIN by Good Because Danish on Mixcloud

So, we had this idea of GbD Author Takeovers. Cool. Then we decided, our mixtapes should include seven songs each. Sounded cool, too. The others set up their great playlists, all extremely worth listening to. Very cool. And then it was my turn to make a mixtape with 7 of my favourite Danish songs. Seven songs. How even…

I think I somehow managed so far – after re-arranging the playlist approx. five billion times, because I realized I have at least 993 more favourite Danish songs. My playlist ended up including mostly younger acts – for a reason: I love to see musicians in my age, I love to see them grow, love to follow them along on their journeys, and maybe even become friends. And exactly that is what I absolutely LOVE about the Danish music scene, despite all its wonderful outcomes: the amazing people behind all those beautiful songs.

In case any of you amazing people read this – thank you. Thank you so much for your music!

Esben Svane – 1973 (Den Tid Vi Går Og Venter)
First things first – so my playlist starts off with the artist and reason why I am actually writing on here right now: Esben Svane. It was for him that I discovered Good because Danish in the first place, it was for my growing love to Danish music that I stayed…

Blaue Blume – Lemon Tree
I don’t think this choice really needs much explanation. I love Blaue Blume. Period.

The Attic Sleepers – Lines (Live At Viktoria Recording Studio)
I listened to the wonderful “Lines” an infinite number of times – and I’m not even close to getting tired of it. And while I adore this live recording of the song, I cannot wait for it to be officially released… tomorrow! On 22. September 2014!

Den Fjerde Væg – Selvportræt
After hearing “Selvportræt” for the first time, I had to look up what its beautiful melody was hiding from my direct understanding. Danish language might often be considered weird, a bit funny and odd – but to me, this song sounds like what star dust looks like – magical.

Carpark North – Fireworks
Imagine a nerdy 15-years old girl somewhere in Southern Germany, listening to a weird, unknown radio station that you could only hear on two frequencies in the whole country. Imagine her listening to Carpark North’s “Fireworks” for the first time. Imagine her biking into the local library and imagine the happiness over finding the album “All Things to All People” in their CD section. Only years later I realized that Carpark North had in that moment turned into the very first Danish band I ever felt for – the very first of so many… 

The Great Dictators – Coming Back in Style
I’ll just pick up on an own quote here, saying that the music of The Great Dictator “could be described as melancholy in melodies or poetic pessimism; yet it is extremely soothing and you find traces of subtle, supportive optimism.” That’s all.

Sekuoia – Something We Lost
Atmosphere. Space. Emotions. Soundscapes. Imagination. Travel. Cure. Love… Music.


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