YouYouYouEPThe self-titled debut EP of YouYouYou (released in May 2014) begins strongly. Slow burner “House Arrest” opens proceedings, featuring lead singer/band mastermind Rasmus Poulsen flexing his theatrical inclinations. The huge reverb soaked vocal sits front in centre, while a synthesiser bubbles along underneath in a not so subtle nod to M83’s “Teen Angst”.

Continuing along this line is “Really?”, a track that showcases YouYouYou’s keen ear for melody. Pitch shifted aural tidbits add to the melodrama, propelling the track into an engaging four to the floor chorus. Over pulsating analogue synth bass lines, Poulsen pleads with an unknown individual to wake up from their ‘lucid dreams’, a comment that seems to stem from disenchantment with modern life.

Up until this point, Poulsen’s emotive vocals, and perhaps over-earnest lyrics were excusable in the context of their atmospheric surroundings. However, “Stop Bleeding for Me” leaves Poulsen bare. Not cloaked by a wall of shimmering aural ice, he sounds slightly disingenuous. It is here that the band steers towards the middle ground. Either more is needed to take YouYouYou to the truly bombastic, or they must discover a more nuanced, subtle way of performing their art.

YouYouYou, finds a promising band figuring out how they can break away from their influences.

Find the whole “YouYouYou” EP to buy on iTunes and stream it via Spotify or WiMP.

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