New Note Festival, 100 % run by volunteers, takes place in Hillerød, a small historic town north of Copenhagen. Every year, an energetic group of young people put their hearts and souls into creating this amazing festival. Our new contributor Magnus visited this year’s edition from 6. to 9. August 2014:

New Note Festival gives you a great variety of music and a fantastic combination of well-established Danish music names and new upcoming artists. The concerts are spread out over four days at numerous indoor and outdoor venues scattered throughout the town centre. There is a great combination of free concerts and those requiring tickets. This, together with an admiral ticket policy with cheap festival passes – especially for students – makes New Note a festival accessible for everybody. This is clearly seen in the wide age range of the festival guests and makes for the special atmosphere experienced throughout.

This year, New Note housed names such as Turboweekend, Cody, Treefight For Sunlight, August Rosenbaum, Alcoholic Faith Mission, When Saints Go Machine, Karl William, Quick Quick Obey, Blaue Blume, Sekuoia and others. My personal favourite here was Reptile Youth who gave a supremely energetic concert with stage dives and crazy dancing, making the audience go even wilder.

New Note Festival has a strong identity founded on sustainability and reducing the festival’s carbon footprint. This theme is clear throughout. The recycled building materials used for the venues, the benches/tables and bars made of reject library books and old battered doors and the speciality organic beers on sale also give the festival personality and charm. The main venue, Klaverfabrikken, is the first C02 neutral music venue in the world! A great deal of hard work, drive and passion is put into this festival and it shows! In early spring they even plant the organic vegetables later used to feed the dedicated (and hungry!) festival volunteers.

New Note Festival does not aim to make a profit, and any profit raised is reinvested in the local music scene, ultimately making New Note an even better festival next year.

To sum it up. New Note Festival is innovative and refreshing and that’s why I will definitely be back there next year. To support local music, be a part of the great atmosphere created and listen to more amazing concerts.

Photos by Magnus Alasdair Jones Kramer (37) and Renée Raijmaekers (37)

Guest Blogger: Magnus Alasdair Jones Kramer

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