On 15. August 2014 our new contributor Magnus was able to experience Malk De Kojin conquering Gjethuset in Frederiksværk, where they celebrated their 20th anniversary in the music business with their only outdoor concert this year.

There is no doubt why music lovers made their way to Frederiksværk last Friday. With 20 years of rave reviews and a huge and loving fan base, Malk De Koijn were really in their element and gave a dynamic performance including songs from all of their years on the Danish music scene. Even with tongue-twisting rap lyrics you could hear that their fans had shown up, shouting along with the music in celebration of this Danish rap revolution.

To warm up, EaggerStunn and Marvelous Mosell took the stage and a fantastic atmosphere quickly spread to every corner of the crowd. EaggerStunn started out with a solid performance and had the audience jumping when he peaked with “Kugledans”. Afterwards we had the pleasure of witnessing the ever-enthusiastic Marvelous Mosell, who immediately captured our attention with his unique dance moves and humorous down to earth lyrics.

Overall the entire evening was a great experience with wide music diversity and an outstanding performance from Malk De Koijn. These grand old men of the Danish rap scene have well and truly earned their place in the hearts of the Danish music lovers and Friday night they proved once again that they could still captivate an audience.

Congratulations on your 20th anniversary Malk De Koijn! Here’s hoping for another 20 years.

Photos by Magnus Alasdair Jones Kramer

Guest Blogger: Magnus Alasdair Jones Kramer

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