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LIZETHE from Mexico is the biggest fan of Mew that we ever got a chance to meet. And as it happened to us with other bands, this passion for Mew made her digging deeper into Danish music. The love for Denmark made us click with her almost right away!

Lizethe is a careful observer and a confident reviewer. She knows what she likes, she can be very objective and sometimes also critical, since hey – not everything what’s Danish is good! And this is only one reason, why we are happy to have our own, personal selector in Lizethe.

Her playlist will remind you of some true Danish music gems!

GbD author takeover: LIZETHE by Good Because Danish on Mixcloud

After making this playlist I couldn’t help feeling a bit sad and nostalgic. I realised that 5 out of my 7 bands are not making music any longer. Luckily, I saw most of them live apart from 2. I keep thinking that hope dies at last. Still, I’m grateful for their contribution in my life because they made me fall for Denmark even more, hence all of them have a special place in my heart.

Mew – 156
If I could choose my hymn, this would be it. Mew has been in my life for 10 years now and “156” is one if those songs that gets me every single time I listen to it. And I still can’t explain why, it’s just the way it is.

Under Byen – Pilot
I started listening to Under Byen way before I learnt Danish and “Pilot” in particular made me realise that you don’t always have to understand the language to get a song. There’s a great balance between the warm and child-like vocals with the dramatic use of the instruments.

Efterklang – Step Aside
This track is the perfect combination of post-rock, orchestral sounds and synths merging to create a very stroking delicate sound that makes my mind wander along with them.

Spleen United – Spleen Utd.
I could hear this song over and over again. I mean the whole album could be just this song lasting 55:13 and I would be satisfied. It should be illegal that such a great upbeat song is so ephemeral.

Death By Kite – Pills
In my opinion DBK is Denmark’s best noise-rock band ever. “Pills” is one of those timeless songs that no matter if you didn’t hear it in years it would still work as it did the first time. Not many songs can accomplish this.

The Late Parade – Foul Cheer
This was the first song I heard from TLP, needless to say that I instantly fell for their project. Rune’s delightful vocals mixed with all the dreamy sounds made my ears melt. Even though this hopeful song is my favourite on the EP I will always say that all of it is a master piece.

Oh No Ono – Swim
I have to say that I didn’t fall in love with “Swim” at first listen. It took me some time to actually comprehend the complexity of their work and once I did I embraced their genuine sound.


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