Whoop whoop, one of our favorite DK electronic acts is back! :)

VINTERTUR, who are in the middle of their “Project 2014” (read more about it HERE), released their July song “Cathedral” on 7. July and now it’s about time to mention it on the blog!

We’ve been following the releases of all VINTERTUR songs and we stated many times already, that they were really good. However, until July, we were full of worries if it’s possible for VINTERTUR to not to fall into the trap of becoming Denmark’s second Spleen United. “Cathedral” proved us that there’s no such risk! Why? Because VINTERTUR really has its own style. Yes, it’s this kind of dark, a bit tense electronic music – but there’s also something more in it.

“Cathedral” starts with percussion sounds that reminded me of OK Go’s song “Needing/Getting” somehow. Then we can hear a groovy bass line and very smooth vocals. After listening to the 6 previous VINTERTUR songs, this is quite a surprising sound. In the middle of the song, there comes a break though. The electronic face of the band returns and strikes with its twisted beat.

VINTERTUR’s “Project 2014” was a risky idea, but so far they are doing great, showing different sides of their music, yet keeping a characteristic, unique sound.

“Cathedral” will stay with us at least until August and the release of the next song! Don’t miss the crazy video clip to the song, made by Danish VJ-artist Josefine Pil.

You can find “Cathedral” on YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify. For the whole collection of VINTERTUR’s “Project 2014” songs go to their tumblr.

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