MEW-quartet1So, it’s no secret that Mew are a quartet again and back on the scene with their former bassist Johan Wohlert, who had left the band in April 2006.

Now, 8 years later he’s back on track with Mew and was introduced a couple of days ago when the band played at NorthSide Festival in Aarhus.

Not only Johan made his first appearance in a long time – they also played two new songs, so far known as “Witness” and “Russle”.

Mew already said that the new album will be out in 2015, so we for sure expect a single in the upcoming months.

As if this great news weren’t enough they also announced they will play at Vanguard Festival in Copenhagen in the beginning of August, followed by a winter tour through Scandinavia to spoil their frengers.

The Scandinavian tour kicks off in Helsinki, will continue in Sweden, Norway and will end up with five dates in Denmark. You better hurry if you want to see Mew performing in small venues again because the gigs in Helsinki, Oslo and Copenhagen are already sold out. You can find links to get tickets HERE.

05.11.2014 – Helsinki (FI): Tavastia
07.11.2014 – Stockholm (SE): Debaser Medis
08.11.2014 – Gothenborg (SE): Pustervik
09.11.2014 – Oslo (NO): Vulkan Scene
10.11.2014 – Bergen (NO): Ole Bull Scene
13.11.2014 – Copenhagen (DK): Pumpehuset
14.11.2014 – Aarhus (DK): Train
15.11.2014 – Herning (DK): Fermaten
17.11.2014 – Aalborg (DK): Nordkraft
18.11.2014 – Odense (DK): Posten

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