Giana Factory - Lemon Moon

Copenhagen-based female trio Giana Factory released their second LP “Lemon Moon” last week (worldwide premiere: 30. May 2014). After reading this sentence all you should do is: stop reading and go listening to it. Yes, we actually adviced you now to stop reading our own blog. That’s how good the new Giana Factory album is.

However, don’t get too excited, because it’s not a record that will amaze you after the very first listen. The two mesmerizing singles – titled “Lemon Moon” and my personal no. 1 from the new LP – the dark and disturbing “I Live At Night” – already showed that with the new material, Giana Factory will serve a piece of music which is solid, but demanding.

The songs coldness may build a wall between the music and the listener at the beginning. But once you cross that wall, you’ll enter the Giana Factory land which is scary, disturbing but most of all – austerely beautiful.

“Lemon Moon” mixes the feelings from very different edges of the human inside. There are frustration and anger, hope and careful joy, calmness and explosions of emotions. Everything delivered in the rough form characteristic for Giana Factory. No exaggaration, no monumentally sounding compositions. The simple build of the songs is the key to “Lemon Moon”‘s greatness.

After dark and kind of tough songs like the two singles or “Don’t Fall in Love”, Giana Factory show also the more joyful side of their music with compositions like “It’s Your Life” – which is a very good statement to make it a life motto.

Cold vibe mixed with the carefuly joyful electronic and the characteristic percussion sounds make “Lemon Moon” a perfect follow-up of the Giana Factory debut album “Save The Youth”.

You can stream the album “Lemon Moon” on Spotify and buy it on iTunes.

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