Gerda Monroe - The Ocean Stole Its Colour From The Sky

In the world of music, Anna Mose is known as Gerda Monroe. Two weeks ago, exactly on the 9. June 2014, she shared her debut solo EP with the world. It’s titled “The Ocean Stole Its Colour From The Sky”.

Gerda Monroe is an artist that you might know from the Danish project IKI. But since some time now, she works on her solo music along with the producer Kim Wagner.

Before the EP, in March 2014, Gerda released her debut single “Understood”, then in April she presented the second song – “Can’t Break Me”. Now it’s time to listen to the whole material from „The Ocean Stole Its Colour From the Sky”.

The EP „The Ocean Stole Its Colour From the Sky” contains five songs, which are very characteristic thanks to Gerda’s strong vocals that definitely dominate over the music. The artist controls her singing perfectly and manages to nicely modulate her voice, which makes the compositions various and not boring.

The same thing can be said about the sound on the EP. The producer took care of the rich collection of tunes and created a very colourful musical landscapes to be filled with Gerda’s vocals. The best example of that is the single “Understood”, which reminds me the work of one of the biggest pop revelation of the last year – Haim.

„The Ocean Stole Its Colour From the Sky” is a great EP – and as I wrote the last time I was posting about Gerda Monroe she is an artist that you should keep an eye on!

You can stream/buy the EP on the popular music services (for example Spotify or iTunes). Don’t wait long and check out this super-well produced, energetic pop music with Gerda’s sensational vocals and the nice electronic added by Kim Wagner!

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