Bottled In England - Never Be Apart

Bottled In England will release their debut LP “BOY / LOST” in August 2014. After the premiere of the instrumental song “Queen Acid”, they now show another preview of the long awaited debut album. The new single is called “Never Be Apart” and you can hear Blue Foundation‘s Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg on vocals.

I must admit that I was super stressed about the new material from Bottled In England. Will it be as cool as what they have been showing during live shows? Is their music a “record” music? Will it still be massive? Won’t it be boring?… lots of questions and nerves, since this duo is close to my musical heart.

After first listening to “Queen Acid” I was a bit disappointed. But I figured “let’s wait for more”. And that was the best decision ever! Why (now you can ask the question)? Because with “Never Be Apart” Bottled In England proved that their music is still as intoxicating and addictive as it was before!

With the tense atmosphere of the track, the exceptional feeling of both laziness and madness pulsing under the “skin” of the song – “Never Be Apart” is like a wild animal ready to run.

The sexy vocals added by Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg can cause a little shivering and underline the great potential of the song.

The track was released along with a brilliant remix of it, prepared by the one and only Troels Abrahamsen (the leader of VETO and a great DK DJ, who has also been featured vocally in Bottled In England’s older song “Say It Again”). The heavy house-like vibe of the remix shows us a little bit better that “Never Be Apart” is a dangerous track – it can easily make you addicted!

After listening to “Never Be Apart” I can shout deep from my lungs: Bottled In England are BACK and what they bring with themselves is MASSIVE (still)!

Find “Never Be Apart” on SoundCloud and Spotify (where you can also listen to the great remix by Troels Abrahamsen).

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