The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – a band perfect for the summer. A band so charismatic and specific that you won’t confuse it with any other. They will be touring like crazy the upcoming months and they just finished mixing their 3rd album, which made us come back to The Asteroids Galaxy Tour’s first long player – “Fruit”.

The record from 2009 is a crazy mix of energy that won the hearts of tons of people around the world. Good because Danish recently listened to this super cool record again and we reminded ourselves of the fact that there is always a good time for some slightly twisted music!

The characteristic, amazing vocals from Mette – the singer and only woman in the band, a very strong brass section, piano lead and the glimpse of summer in every tune – that’s “Fruit” summed up in one sentence.

All 11 songs on “Fruit” show a style that The Asteroids Galaxy Tour definitely has. Remember the song “Mercy” from Duffy? This is the kind of vibe you can find in the Danish band’s music. A fascination of the 80’s style and music. A cool sound, simply.

“The Golden Age” (which was quite popular thanks to its use in a beer commercial), “Bad Fever”, “Crazy”, “The Sun Ain’t Shining No More” – songs like that, coming from the speakers make you bounce right away. And that’s the spirit and the whole point: the music should be fun, as the tunes on “Fruit”.

You can stream the whole album on Spotify and you can remind yourself of the cool mood of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour with the funny old-school video clip to “The Golden Age”:

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