On Saturday, 17. May 2014, Good because Danish had the lucky chance to visit yet again one of the Danish Spring and Summer Events you shouldn’t miss: the great one-day festival PB43 præsenterer, held on old factory premises of the namegiving Prags Boulevard 43 in Copenhagen’s neighbourhood Amager.

Charmed by the first rays of Summer sun, the festival’s industrial location fascinated with a raw, creative feeling. A vibe reminiscent in some sort of Berlin surroundings (not only because of the offered German “hipster” brew Club Mate) – if not even “cooler”. We are after all talking gimmicks like a circus tent-turned-concert venue, a sauna (!) within an old construction trailer and granny’s colorful, old lampshades hung from the ceiling of the festival’s other venue, an empty factory hall.

Oh, and music.

This year’s PB43 præsenterer gave space to an interestingly multi-colored bunch of more- and less-known musicians: Speaker Bite Me, Cody, SVIN, Frk. Jacobsen, Shiny Darkly, Sleep Party People – to only name a few. It is definitely this alternative mixture and the openness for different, experimental projects that underlines this unique festival’s charme – and that made it to such a wonderful way to spend a sunny Saturday in May.

Find more (visual) impressions on our Instagram profile @goodbecausedanish !

Photos by Jasmin König

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