Feel Freeze - Future Emotions in a Digital Heart EP

We have heard about Feel Freeze for the very first time, when we were going through this year’s SPOT Festival line-up. Their single “Wet My Tongue” made us want to hear even more from the group. So we managed to catch a part of their show on the festival and the music they served was perfect to take a deep breath and say goodbye to SPOT 2014.

Now we can enjoy not only the memories of their concert in Aarhus, but also their EP “Future Emotions in a Digital Heart”, which was released on Monday 12. May 2014.

Feel Freeze is a duo consisting of Mathias Vinther and Else Raymonde Gaunoux. They say about the project: Feel Freeze touches your heart and your dancing legs”. It’s true!

The debut EP contains of 7 songs.  The title of it says a lot about the music on it. The frame of the songs is an acoustic guitar, but everything that fills up this frame isn’t so obviously acoustic anymore. It looks into the future.

“Wet My Tongue” has some kind of a cosmic vibration inside. “Give Me Your Heart” sounds like a very soft version of Snow Patrol. “Lights Off” seems to be inspired by dream-pop music – but the inspiration only goes to a very light touch of it. “Power Plug” mixes pop and a singer-songwriter approach with a great sense of balance. Everything closes down with “Young (Again)” which somehow reminds us of the melancholic atmosphere of some songs from Alcoholic Faith Mission.

But the beauty of the Feel Freeze EP is enchanted in all these little “some kind”s and “somehow”s. They took just as much from others to build the foundation of something very own. Let the charm of their music gently win your ears, your soul and your heart and let it show you that even the title’s “Digital Heart” can have very real emotions inside it that want to let go.

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