staerosaurusYesterday, on 21. April 2014, Stærosaurus’ debut album “Store Hoved” finally saw the light of day. Behind the “primeval creature” we find a Copenhagen-based band project, mainly consisting of charming songwriter Andreas Stær and producer Laurids Smedegaard.

The 10 songs on “Store Hoved” weave classical songwriting into melodic fragments and an ambient interplay of electronic elements with the analogue but lively aesthetic of hand-played instruments.

Stærosaurus describe the process of finding their sound as “musical playroom, where all toys are spread messily over the floor and afterwards put together in new ways.” A quite playful image of bringing together pieces in arrangements, which – beyond genre or taste preferences – are meant to seem “fresh and fun”.

The musical puzzle gets completed by Danish lyrics that circle around universal emotions, profound issues and everyday problems: revenge, justice, love, dreams, drunkenness, hopelessness or religion. No wonder that the album’s title – which can be translated as “big head” – indicates, what a huge emotional storage is needed to actually be able to cope with all surrounding affects.

To cope with the recording of a full-length player, Andreas Stær and Laurids Smedegaard got help from a bunch of talented musicians – among others Mikkel Szlavik on drums and percussion, members of Alcoholic Faith Mission or CODY, and songwriter Jonas Villumsen.

Stream “Store Hoved” on Spotify or order it as haptic version on Vinyl here.

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