quickquickobeyconcertOn the evening of the 12. April, there was nothing to prepare the audience for what was soon to spring from the exceptional band, Quick Quick Obey. Playing to a near capacity crowd at Radar, the young men plunged enthusiastically into their set, largely consisting of songs from their new long player “Bulb Days”.

Opening with the dreamy, synthesiser drenched instrumental “Intro Track”, the crowd were swiftly enveloped into their auditory world. Breaking the intro induced daze, “Sunn” followed. A track which showcases the considerable talents of the musicians. Swirling, chorus saturated guitar sprongs were met with eery, high pitched group vocals. The bass and drums worked as a mechanical unit, imparting a hypnotic effect juxtaposed against the sparser elements. The excitement that this style created stayed fresh throughout the set.

The band is a sonic anomaly. As such, trying to track their influences is no easy feat. Envisioning them as Grizzly Bear’s younger brother is apt, though, a younger brother with the hook sensibilities of Mew is perhaps a tighter fit. What results is an unpredictable, yet immensely melodic jumble of buzzed out guitars riffs and 80’s synths, interweaved with ground shifting bass and deep, scattered drum breaks.

Closing with the soaring, marimba led “Hold Your Breath”, Quick Quick Obey truly establish themselves as a live force. During the last, absolutely hummable chorus, vocalist/keyboardist Esben Halkier hopped down and joined the crowd . It was easy to envision such showmanship replicated at a much larger venue. The gesture capped off a immensely enjoyable collection of songs. It is always a sign of good things to come when a band leaves a crowd buzzing, wanting more.

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