photo by Nikolaj Olsen

photo by Nikolaj Olsen

Rock music is alive! Or metal’n’roll, as GAFFA called the I’LL BE DAMNED sound.

We might not be the biggest experts in such kind of music on Good because Danish, but we are definitely fans of the more heavy sounds as well. That’s why we couldn’t go by I’LL BE DAMNED without mentioning their music here.

The five piece band from Aarhus will hit your ears with the energetic kind of stoner-rock and hardcore and whatever-reminds-you-of-a-total-blow-up-in-the-speakers music. “Fever” is their single, that has vocals which Metallica wouldn’t be ashamed of, guitar sounds that break bones (figuratively of course, although who knows what can happen when you hear them live on a concert) and the spirit of pure love for craziness. I’m not sure if it’s just me, or if the guitars have this tiny, tiny savor of Volbeat?

All is great, all is energetic and concrete here, so why did we wait with sharing the music until now? Because even though the band released their album “The First Coming” two years ago, in 2012, we first heard about them now, thanks to SPOT Festival, which invited I’LL BE DAMNED to play this year. Thanks SPOT! :)

If you decide to listen to I’LL BE DAMNED, prepare yourself for some serious explosion coming from the speakers. The danger of going crazy about this band is really high!

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