Get Your Gun - The Worrying Kind

Sometimes there are days when you don’t give a f**k about anything, moments when you’re sick of new music, tired of everything, so frustrated that the only thing possible to do is screaming. Most of the time you can’t show any of these emotions to the world. Because it would be rude, impolite, a sociopathic behavior.

With their new album “The Worrying Kind” Get Your Gun give you a way to unleash all the anger, frustration and tiredness. Just press “play” and there you have it. The heavy rock sound so pure and so rough that you don’t need to scream inside anymore. The music will do it for you.

Get Your Gun caught our attention with a mind-blowing EP and a song called “Staying For A While”. The album “The Worrying Kind” didn’t disappoint us at all!

The band shows how to play the music RIGHT. The use of the guitar, drums and bass takes the listener to the roots of rock sound. The musical side of the album is simply stunning. There are no random sounds.

When you add the deep, edgy vocals and the outspoken, honest lyrics to the music – Get Your Gun’s album is irresistible.

The huge advantage of the record is (for me) its construction and length. The whole album has 39. minutes, because it doesn’t need more. From the strong beginning with screaming vocals – “Black Book”, it builds the tension to reach the brilliant “Staying For A While”, then all the emotions explode in “Call Me Rage” to gently fade out in “Tender Lies”. The end is the end. No unnecessary protraction of anything.

“The Worrying Kind” is a proof that when music is dangerous, unfriendly and rough – it can show us more than all the pleasant tunes we hear almost all the time. Sometimes you can get sick of new music. But if you give it a chance, you won’t get sick of Get Your Gun album for a very long time.

Stream the album on BandCamp or buy it on iTunes.

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