WhoMadeWho - Dreams

They conquered the world of electronic music long time ago and transformed it into a whole new place. WhoMadeWho – the icons (we think we can call them that) of Danish electronic music scene are back with the new album “Dreams” (premiere 03. March 2014). If you have dreamt of a record that will be like a musical long hot bath that will help you let go of all the stress – your dream just came true with this one!

I was a bit afraid that after such great record as “Brighter”, WhoMadeWho will start to push themselves too much to make something “original” again. They didn’t. The originality is just as natural for them as it always was.

With “Dreams” they take us on a musical well-thought trip, from the very first to the very last step. The songs gently change one into another, the guitar line is our guide on the road. Sometimes we need to stop, since we’re so amazed by the way WhoMadeWho mix delicacy with more sharp and solid sounds (like in my personal favorite song: “Right Track”, or in “Indian Summer” or brilliant “Hiding in Darkness”).

The band’s special flow can be heard in every note of “Dreams”. You won’t confuse it with any other band. It’s a quality that not all bands have. The cold way of delivering  the music, the very own melancholia – it’s all here (“Your Better Self”, “Heads Above”).

All in all, “Dreams” is another solid, remarkable album served by a very special band, which WhoMadeWho surely is. I don’t know if I can say it, but it feels sometimes that with this album they let us enter their dreams. And I like it.

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