photo by Christian Hjort (official press materials)

photo by Christian Hjort (official press materials)

The Orange stage.
We all know that one, don’t we? The tent with its orange roof that appears on million of photos from the one and only festival – Roskilde! Each year the fields of this Danish city near Copenhagen change into a place of celebration. The celebration of not only music, but life, summer, culture and youth. Roskilde Festival is more than just a bunch of concerts. At least that’s how we imagine it to be.

The organizators themselves say:

Roskilde Festival is an annual week-long international cultural event offering quality experiences based on modern music and creative kinship.

With its attitude towards environmental issues, humanitarian causes and cultural work, Roskilde Festival reflects and challenges the surrounding society and world.

Roskilde Festival is a boundary-pushing cultural-political manifestation. Roskilde Festival is based on the efforts of an unpaid workforce who focus on all aspects of audience service, quality, creativity and safety” (official Roskilde Festival website)

Good because Danish follows the news from Roskilde – one of the biggest European summer festivals – every year, but sadly, we’ve never managed to personally take part in this outstanding event. However, we hope that will change! For now all we can do is to dream about Roskilde Festival. How it is in our dreams? Well, it’s AWESOME! We can only guess about the reality though.

This year’s edition of the event will take place between 29. June and 6. July 2014.

Besides a lot of great, international names in the line-up (that will be officially announced in its total 2. April 2014), the Roskilde Festival organizators don’t forget to leave the right space for Danish upcoming bands. Through the years, they’ve created a special scene for them to play: from this year on, the Roskilde Rising stage (which replaced Pavillion Junior stage) will be the place to listen to the hopes of Danish music.

Since Good because Danish – as a matter of fact – love the idea of bringing local, Danish music to the people coming to Roskilde Festival, we will very soon have a closer look into what’s happening on that stage in 2014!

If you want to make your Summer orange and participate in Roskilde Festival 2014, you can already buy your tickets and book your time! We hope this year we will meet you in Roskilde!

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