Reptile Youth - Rivers That Run For A Sea That Is Gone

They are rebels inside of the system. Reptile Youth just released a new album today, 10. March 2014 – they did it as any other “normal” band would do. But if you ask us “what’s the name of the new release?”. Oh dear Lord… they simply couldn’t came up with anything longer! :) “Rivers That Run For A Sea That Is Gone”.

Reptile Youth is a band, that has the riot in its vains, but managed to fit that riot into the frames of popular music (not “pop” music as a genre, but popular as a music that fits the ears of many different listeners with different tastes, so it has a chance to exist in many different ways and on different levels). The music that brings a rock’n’roll spirit in the new incarnation. With lyrics that show a mix of stubborness, desperation and wisdom.

With “Rivers That Run For A Sea That Is Gone” Reptile Youth will scratch your chin in almost every song (like the title one, with strong guitar riff and smoothly added electronic elements saying “We rule in here, so be nice, because otherwise we’ll kick your ass!”).

This Reptile Youth album shows that these guys have a character of their own. There is never too little of originality or too much of repeating the well-known standards. They keep the balance perfectly.

Reptile Youth know how to party hard in an old-school way (“Two Hearts”), how to chill out (“Where You End I Begin”) and how to show the world a middle finger (which I think they do GREAT in the last song and my personal favorite: “Diseased By Desire”).

“Rivers That Run For A Sea That Is Gone” is an album proving that the “second album syndrome” is not Reptile Youth’s problem.

Listen to the album on Spotify, Soundvenue pre-stream or buy it on iTunes.

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