Postkort - Artcore - Postkort press shootDenmark – you know no limits and no pause! It’s so amazing how such a small country can deliver so many brilliant minded artists with so many original ideas and how these people can bomb us with great new releases with no break in between.

This one, which has seen the daylight on 3. March is a gem for all of you who are into electronic music.

The EP “Artcore” is the new release from Postkort. Behind that name you will find Steffen Johs – a young Dane with an exceptional idea for his musical persona.

“Artcore” is a combination of deep industrial bass sounds and twisted beats gliding here and there in the songs. Already with the first track “Kugleregn” you can feel the strong vibe of “Danishness” – the undescribable kind of soft melodic melancholy.

Postkort makes music that won’t fit everybody’s taste, that’s for sure. The 4-track EP demands you to stop and really listen to it. Some tracks are built as fragile constructions, some play with you by crazy beats (“Globe”), the whole seems to sound a bit surreal.

After listening to the “Artcore” EP the “outside world” will seem to be soooooo ordinary and soooo predictable. Nothing like the music you just heard.

The future of the Postkort project seems to be as unpredictable as this EP itself is – we wish Steffen the best and we will look forward for more from him, hoping it will develop into something great!

The “Artcore” EP can be streamed on  BandCamp and Spotify and you can buy it on iTunes. Additionally there is 100 free downloads of it on BandCamp – try to get one of them!

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