Good because Danish took the chance to visit some showcases of this year’s Musik Aarhus Festival in – you might have already guessed it – beautiful Aarhus. The idea of the festival started a few years ago as cooperation between the local venues VoxHall, Train, Atlas and Musikcaféen/RADAR to show new, exciting acts on several, themed nights in January – all for free.

This year, on 21 January the audience could experience three Aarhus-based bands in Radar under the label “Dansksproget” (which could be translated as something like Danish-speaking), namely Suns Of Satan, Ulvetimen and Navneløs. My Danish is far from fluent, and the words coming from stage, make mostly only sense after repeated listening or a Google search for the lyrics – if at all; so from a foreign listener’s perspective, Danish songs still involve a sort of what one could nearly call exoticism and, in the case of the night’s acts, create a very unique poetic atmosphere. Especially Ulvetimen around singer Kristian Kjærulff Ravn, captured the audience with dark, melancholic settings and goose bumps creating moments. Also the promising young band Navneløs – who are about to release their debut album “Værk” on 10 February – kept all expectations by showing their high musical quality in a more than decent performance.

The next day, on 22 January, Atlas invited to an “Indie/pop” themed evening with NovemberDecember, Ladylion and Kadie Elder. NovemberDecember started setting up a high level for the night with their very first show after releasing the album “From the Swing, Into the Deep”. After having heard the songs on repeat and many positive things about their earlier performances, this was a concert to particularly looking forward to. And I shouldn’t be disappointed! The – one has to admit, throughout handsome – guys immediatly poured on their charm and it was a shame when their concert was already over. Another personal highlight was the night’s final – Kadie Elder. The pleasure of seeing them live is always huge, especially when you’re able to recognise the steady improvement in their anyway high quality and charismatic performances!

To see a few more visual impressions of the festival, have a look into our photo album “Musik Aarhus Festival 2014” on Facebook or check out some snaps we shared on our Instagram.




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