Christmas time is supposed to offer moments of contemplation and silence, but isn’t the sad reality that the nearer the end of the year, the more stressy and hectic the days tend to get? Buying presents turns into a hunt through busy streets, deadlines are coming closer, things need to get done, the old annoying Christmas jingles are playing on repeat… We are extremly glad to give away a wonderful, calming contrast to the voices and noises all arounda signed (!) copy of Vestbo Trio’s latest EP “Flowmotion”!

The guys behind Vestbo Trio give their music the beautiful name “instrumental storytelling”: inspired by all great singer-songwriters out there, the three-piece aims to tell stories and create moods with instruments, rather than with words. They play instrumental music that is for everybody, because they think this genre has the potential to gain more recognition from a wider audience and because they also want to show that there’s more in it than only jazz. After a self-titled EP and the debut album “Less Talk…” from 2012, “Flowmotion” is now their third release. The EP was recorded in the studio in front of a live studio audience – combining the best of a live performance’s vibes and the great sound quality that’s achievable in a studio. When listening to the 5 tracks you feel the special, warm atmosphere of the recording, making them to the perfect, cozy soundtrack for cold winter days.

This is how you enter today’s Christmas contest:

Write a mail with the subject “Christmas Countdown: Vestbo Trio” to and tell us what Christmas song annoys you the most (and should be exchanged with the wonderful tunes of Vestbo Trio)! Don’t forget to also include your address into the mail. Deadline is 15 December 2013.

Have a look into one video from the EP’s recording session – of course, we picked the song with the most winterly name…!

[ Please be aware that we will first be able to send out the prizes of our Christmas Countdown in late December, early January. ]

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