Besides the Christmassy crackle of flames in a fireplace, there’s another sound we just love to listen to: the one of spinning vinyls in a record player. To give one of you the chance to relive this back home, we are more than happy to give away one vinyl/cd/dd package of Tjaere+Fjer’s “II”! So, even if you don’t own a record player – you’ll still be able to listen to the great music and look over the beautiful set-up of the whole package. 

Tjaere+Fjer is the solo project of Danish musician, producer and sound artist Jens Christian Madsen who is based in Berlin. The debut album “Tourists. Residents.” was realeased in 2011 and well-received on underground music blogs in Europe and the US. The follow up “II” which was released a year later as a combined vinyl/cd/dd package, did also receive great reception and airplay by a handful of US college radios. In 2013, Tjaere+Fjer started doing live-shows debuting at Berghain Kantine in Berlin and followed by a tour in Germany and Denmark – including a spot at REVERB 2013 which made us aware of this project in the first place. Jens Christian Madsen will soon be back in the studio to record the project’s third album. We cannot wait to hear more stuff coming from this exciting artist in the new year!

This is how you enter today’s Christmas contest:

Write a mail with the subject “Christmas Countdown: Tjaere+Fjer” to and tell us what the Danish words “Tjaere” and “Fjer” mean translated into English! Don’t forget to also include your address into the mail. Deadline is 28 December 2013.

Have a listen into what can soon be yours and check out the video to “Faking It All” by Mexican filmmaker Uxval Gochez, completely shot on 8mm film:


[Please be aware that we will first be able to send out the prizes of our Christmas Countdown in late December, early January. ]

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