Troels Abrahamsen - Bipolar reviews

The “review” – it’s just a word, that doesn’t really fit to this post. Why? Because how to rate the vibe of the music? I have no idea. So I don’t do it and focus on diving into songs. Those on “Bipolar” – new solo album by Troels Abrahamsen – are perfect to just cover you with waves of ear-pleasure from the head to the toes.

Troels Abrahamsen is not only the vocalist of VETO. His solo music work is the electronic with deep beats and melodious vocal lines. The kind of electronic that I adore, spiced with a hint of the Danish melancholy flavour. The new Troels Abrahamsen “Bipolar” has it all. It’s a piece of music that hypnotize from the first to the last song.

I’ve always liked Troels Abrahamsen vocal. It’s one of the best things in VETO music, it’s also one of the remarkable points in his solo records. On “Bipolar” the vocals are slightly hidden behind the crooked beats (like in “Dented”). That gives you the feeling of hesitation. What is the most important? Or it doesn’t matter which part of the song catch the attention? The waves of beats and the voice mix together, blend and create a musical unique DNA.

Troels Abrahamsen didn’t forget about songs with dancefloor potential – “Everything Is A Grind” is a good, although bot obvious, example of that.

“Bipolar” got me from the very beginning, because Troels Abrahamsen didn’t leave the best for the end. He decided to hit me with a hightlight of the record from the start. No. 1 on “Bipolar” – “Current” is a powerful masterpiece. Pulsatory beat kind of fights with soft vocals. The melody struggles with raw synth sounds. The tension makes you shiver. Contradictions put together with taste and creativity – that’s “Current”.

When you dive into “Bipolar”, there come a time when you need to take a deep breath. Troels Abrahamsen gives you a chance to do it with “Darkness On The Run”.

Then “Sleeper” comes – more “classic” electronic, marked with this special sound that makes you know it’s Troels solo work. I can’t really explain what it is, but I can hear it (which, I hope, doesn’t make me a crazy person…).

In the closing song “Holy Cold That Takes Me” – the main part belongs to vocals. There’s something touching in Troels Abrahamsen voice. Some kind of unique melancholy and sadness coming from every note he sings. Hypnotizing, relaxing and calming song to emerge from “Bipolar” and go back to life. If you don’t want to do it (as I didn’t want to), you can always just press “play” again (which I’ve done more than once).

“Bipolar” is a very various and musically developed album. I think either you’re a simple music lover as myself, or a true electronic music connoisseur – you will appreciate it.

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