After we have last danced at Trailerpark Festival in Copenhagen, it’s now time again to swing by in our other favorite Danish city: Newbees Festival is taking place in Aarhus again on 27 and 28 September 2013!

“The idea behind the festival is quite simple: We pick out 10 names from the Danish underground that we think will make it big someday. There are no genre-restrictions or requirements about what kind of gigs, press mentions, attention from radios or the likes – we just have to see the potential”, explains Kasper Høgh, booker and coordinator of Newbees Festival.
A look into past line-ups clearly shows: they do see the potential. Acts like The Rumour Said Fire, Cody, Ulige Numre, Asbjørn, Boho Dancer, Bottled in England, Schultz and Forever, Dangers of the Sea, Dad Rocks! or Penny Police played Newbeesmostly before their names filled the posters of other big festivals. The quality and the success of the artists from earlier years makes obvious what kind of opportunity Newbees Festival is to get to know new, great and original Danish music.
“The bands we’re booking are at different places in their careers: some of them are on the verge of a breakthrough, some are newly established, waiting for things to happen. It’s our impression that this combination is great for the artists as well as the audience”, says Kasper Høgh.
This year’s combination sounds just as promising as the past line-ups, featuring exciting acts like De Dødelige, Taragana Pyjarama, Sekuoia, Karl William, Broke, Baby in Vain and more. Good because Danish cannot wait to finally get to experience some of them live and discover newbies/new bees!

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