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TRAILERPARK FESTIVAL 2013is coming! Just few more days (ok, maybe a bit more than few, but soon!) and this cosy, stylish, unique event will bloom in the beautiful city of Copenhagen. The art, design, fashion and – of course – the music – put all together once again between 1st and 3rd of August.

Good Because Danish fell in love with Trailerpark Festival when we’ve been lucky to take part in it last year. We’re more than happy to be able to come back again this year! Not only because the line-up simply screams: “Good Because Danish, this is something you simply CAN’T miss”. Trailerpark Festival 2013 will be a great chance to meet the lovely people from Nordic by Nature AND Poule d’Or – the blogs we love and recommend from the bottom of our hearts.

Before we’re gonna see each other and listen to a great music,
team Poule d’Or and Good Because Danish have something for you!
Mixtape with our music pick’s of this year Trailerpark Festival line-up.

It wasn’t easy to choose the 5 act’s each of our blogs looks forward to hear the most. But we made it! As a bonus – we couldn’t miss to add some of our all time favorite Danish act’s that will play at TPF2013 (at least Good Because Danish all time favorite acts – yes, there will be Turboweekend, Bottled In England, Rangleklods and When Saints Go Machine ;) ).

Enjoy the music and hopefully see you in Copenhagen between 1st and 3rd of August 2013 at Trailerpark Festival!

Poule d’Or & Good Because Danish – TRAILERPARK FESTIVAL 2013 MIXTAPE by Good Because Danish on

Here are Team Poule’s picks:

PdO bannerKinck
Stine Kinck is something like the Danish answer to MIA and the Spice Girls.. like a best of both world. Urban electro rap. Read more about Kinck on Poule d’Or HERE.Rough Days For Diamond Trade
He’s so good that he can get away with this unreasonable band name.Dinner
Buddhism afficionado Anders Rhedin sports a dark voice around spectacular soundscapes.

Zulu Pearls
Highly enjoyable surfy 60′s pop with a modern dreamy pinch.

We are kids of the 80s here at Poule HQ, so CTM is right up our alley, like door step close up our alley.

Good Because Danish have choosen these act’s from the line-up:

GbD banner

KIll J
The biggest hope from the new Danish electronic acts. Mysterious, demanding and catchy at the same time. KIll J is a puzzle that we hope will create a great live picture on stage.

Beastie Respond
This young producer charmed us with his beats, that are some how well know along with being unknown.

After her show during SPOT Festival 2013 we feel we need more to find out if we adore her or more: truly, really, madly worship teh music live. Either way, this will be one hell of a show, for sure!

Kenton Slash Deamon
Two members of When Saints Go Machine make the music that fill in your every single vein with energy that is like a drug. We became addicted, so we won’t miss the dj set of Kenton Slash Demon.

These Danes played Trailerpark Festival last year and made us confused. Was it a dream, a state of being hypnotized, a slow motion movie… Let’s try again!

All time favorites that we couldn’t not mention here:

Can’t come up with anything more to say than – yes, we’re still in love with this band. More and more each day. Now Good Because Danish and Turboweekend are kind of like an old couple, so… well, you HAVE TO go to a concert of your boyfriend, right? We can’t wait!

Bottled In England
Our first love was Turboweekend, but if we would cheat them with other Danish band, if would be Bottled In England. The duo recently toured China, now they are back home and we’re sure they will give another massive show!

Rangleklods gives us shivers. No more, no less. Can’t find right words to say anything more, just want to experience the unbelivable concert again. And then again, and again, and again and… at Trailerpark Festival 2013!

When Saints Go Machine
You never know with what they will come up next and that’s the beauty. To taste the unknown with WSGM is always a pleasure.


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