Kadie Elder

After numerous mentions all over the place, the release of two singles and finally a self-titled mini-album in late April this year, after several much praised performances and just as much more exciting gigs to come, after we personally fell in love with their live appearance at SPOT Festival and after having their songs on repeat for quite some while, they finally get their well deserved but long overdue own post on Good Because Danish – Kadie Elder.

It was the aim to create something new that started the Aarhus-based project of Anders Rask – and all current signs seem to confirm that the intention succeeded. Kadie Elder is a great effect of combining the frontman’s singer-songwriter background with electronic, synthie sounds, by giving his classical folk material into the hands of producers Jonas Tranberg (Efterklang, Asbjørn, etc.) and Christian Vad who wrapped it up in the unusual sound universe of the electronic genre.

While the songs of their first release are mainly made by this trio, the project grew to a skilled five-piece by now, making future Kadie Elder “a band thing” – one of the most promising and exciting ones of 2013.

The result of Kadie Elder’s work is the album which you can check out on Spofity i.a. You should do it! Like, right now!