Gregers L. Mogstad - Impossible

Marcin listened to Gregers L. Mogstad debut album. Read what he thinks about it and check out “Impossible”.

I have a theory that when I listen to a good music while cooking, the dinner comes really tasty. That’s how it was in case when I cooked to the album “Impossible” by young Danish jazz musician – Gregers Løvendahl Mogstad (record released in co-operation with a label „Soul Samourai Records”).

Gregers is a graduate of Danish Roayl Music Academy, which you can totally hear in his piano solo’s – thumbs up for that. On the album you can find a mix of different music styles: mostly jazz combined with soul, but also inspirations taken from funk or even good old rock.

10 songs that Gregers L. Mogstad sereved to me are a really nice discovery.

Already the first one – „You’re Feeling It Too” – cought my attention. Even though I was waiting impatiantly and with a bit of fear for the first vocal part. Fortunately, the Danish artist didn’t dissapoint me at all. Gregers sings marvelously, plays with the range and you can hear that he likes doing what he does. Anwsering to the title of the first song on the album – YES! I felt it too.

Gregers L. Mogstad

In the second song, „Scapegoat”, especially at the end of it, you can hear a bit of rock songs atmosphere. I recommend the titled composition „Impossible” to jazz lovers. Irregular sound, truly jazz-like drums, vocal and keys will give you some shivers on your neck.

Another track – „Refugee” – with a very pleasant female backing vocals is a perefect option for an evening spent with… a lovely woman of course. In „Ambitious” Gregers L. Mogstad shows his piano skills. He really neatly breaks the sounds and even though in the second part of the song the tempo is gently accelerating, which destroy the peace of the beginning, “Ambitious” is still a very positive and stirring composition.

Aaaaand that’s how we got to the secong part of the album and I got to a half of preparing the dinner :) Songs no. 6 and 7  –  „Wake up Call” and „Lover” didn’t really catch my attention. Maybe it was because after 5 songs I lost the sensivity a bit. However, when I came back to them the next day, I couldn’t say a bad word about them. They sound solid, still in a similar style to the others and in „Lover” Gregers L. Mogstad shres something very important with us – you should listen to it carefuly!

For a tea the Dane served a dessert which was an energetic single „Rocking The world”. Do you have that feeling sometimes, that when you hear the song, your body starts dancing by itself? No? Than you should definitely listen to this song. You’ll know what I mean. 

Gregers L. Mogstad – “Rocking The World”

Track 9 – „Convention” is a nice bridge between a vivid “Rocking The World” to a bit more calm music, enreached with ambitious solos.

Unfotrunately everything what’s good, ends fast. The last song – „I see” – is Gregers’s vocal show. This was the song which got me thinking: was Mogstad inspired by Jamie Cullum or was it the other way around…?

For the end of the music adventure with “Impossible” I’d like to ass a quote of Gregers. When he was asked about his music, he said: “I have this something deep in my heart, it’s a good sound”. If I have the opportunity to see Gregers L. Mogstad live, I wouldn’t think for a second, I’d go. Because his debut album shows that everything from him comes from his heart. I sincerely recommend his music to you!




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